A people of extravagant welcome.


We seek to be inclusive and welcome into the full life and ministry of our church all persons without regard to age, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, marital status, economic status and personal ability.


Our rich history starts in 1980 as a community church dedicated to our local community and mission activities. We grew over the years, built our beautiful church campus and joined the United Church of Christ denomination.


30600 N. Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85266
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Phone:: 480-575-1801

Email: blackmountainucc@gmail.com



Our church began in 1980 meeting in the local museum as a community church of believers gathered from many different denominations drawn together by a common affirmation of the teachings of Jesus. We also had a  deep desire to serve God by being active in our own community serving those in need and giving tithes and gifts to ministries around the world.

In 2004 we built and dedicated our beautiful church as a gift from God.

In 2010 the congregation voted to affiliate with the United Church of Christ as a part of the Southwest Conference. We work together in mission and fellowship with our sister churches in Arizona and New Mexico.

On June 2, 2013 our congregation choose to become an Open and Affirming Congregation and formally adopted our statement of inclusivity.


Rev. Dr. Kristina "Tina" Cambell

Dr. Campbell, who prefers to be called “Tina,” was one of the first women ordained in the United Church of Christ, and much of her ministry has been with the marginalized.  After completing her Master of Divinity United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, Tina took her clinical training at Hazelden/Betty Ford, and worked in the field of recovery for many years, serving as the director of a residential treatment center in Victoria, British Columbia, Chief Therapist at St. Luke’s Hospital and creating and implementing an outpatient program for chemical dependency for Camelback Hospital.  During this time, Tina completed her Doctor of Ministry degree and became a Board Certified Chaplain.  

Tina was Director of the Tempe Schools Prevention Resource Center, a program that placed Student Assistance Programs in all of the Tempe schools K-12.  She also served as the Crisis Counselor for Xavier College Prep.  These programs were designed to give students the assistance they needed to stay in school and complete their educations.  

Tina spent ten years as a full-time prison Chaplain, beginning in the Maximum Security Unit in Florence, Arizona, and serving in all levels of prison with  men and women, the mentally ill, and the criminally insane.  It is her belief that the Church becomes its full self when ministering to those whom Jesus called us to serve.  

Tina has also served as a hospice Chaplain and as an assistant parish pastor.  During the height of COVID, she served as Staff Chaplain at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  

Tina’s faith informs her that God welcomes and calls all people to come together for the greater good, for spiritual growth, and to support one another in community.  She believes all of this can be done in a spirit of joy, and she extends an extravagant welcome to you to join in our Beloved Community at Black Mountain.  

Please come and join us for worship.  At Black Mountain United Church of Christ, all are ALL welcome regardless of gender, age, race, ability, faith, who you love or how you identify. YOU are beloved in God's eyes, and we extend to you an invitation to experience our EXTRAVAGANT WELCOME.


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