July 14, 2018


Hide yourself in God, so when a man wants to find you he will have to go there first.


We create fulfilling and meaningful connections with one another and with our community through fellowship activities.

  • Various
  • Laura Munson & Wilbert Schouten
  • (480) 575-1801
  • Various, Mostly Johnston Hall

The Congregational Life team is the party committee of BMUCC! They ensure we are well fed, well entertained and give us opportunities to get to know each other better in informal settings. Our church is well known for its ability to put on amazing meals, concerts, fundraisers and parties!



At Black Mountain UCC, we are a lay-led church. While our pastor is our spiritual leader, church members are responsible for all of our ministries. Feel called to join an existing ministry team or start a new one? Let us know! We are a church that always says "Yes!" to ideas that further God's work on Earth and in our community.