May 2023

Nurturing Inclusive Values: How Your Church Choice Impacts Your Child's Development

As society grapples with divisive narratives and widening gaps, many individuals and families find themselves standing at an intersection. This intersection lies between the personal values they hold dear and the theology of the institutions they participate in.

The church, a sanctuary traditionally associated with community and spiritual nourishment, can become a hotbed of conflict when its teachings contradict personal beliefs, especially regarding the education and spiritual upbringing of our children. Regardless of what we teach our children at home, if you attend a church that teaches a different set of values, you run the risk of confusing or influencing the spiritual development of your child in ways that can be harmful to tolerance and inclusiveness.

What if there existed a place that encourages curiosity, celebrates diversity, stands for social justice, and educates our children about a loving, accepting God? The Black Mountain United Church of Christ (BMUCC) stands as that place.

Why This Matters

For us to nurture a generation that is compassionate, accepting, and forward-thinking, it is crucial that the institutions they are part of reflect these values. Churches propagating judgmental dogma or preaching intolerance risk children internalizing these harmful messages. This leads to cognitive dissonance, where children grapple with their intuitive understanding of love and acceptance and the prejudiced teachings they're exposed to, leading to emotional and psychological challenges in their formative years.

The Open and Affirming Difference

As an Open and Affirming UCC congregation, BMUCC shines as a beacon of love and acceptance, embracing all of God's children. We not only affirm the dignity and worth of every individual, but we also actively celebrate diversity. Our church is a home for everyone, irrespective of nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or background.

Inclusive Children's Ministry at BMUCC

A compelling reason for families to consider BMUCC is our children's ministry. We aim not merely to instruct but to inspire. Our approach to children's ministry is rooted in the belief that every child should have the freedom to explore their spiritual path, guided by love, respect, and acceptance. Rather than imposing a specific dogma, we empower children to form their own relationship with God. Our faith education encourages curiosity, questions, and active learning from diverse sources, nurturing a comprehensive and empathetic spiritual understanding.

A Safe Haven for All

Our church's focus on inclusive values ensures a safe environment for all families. Here, children will not be subjected to messages of exclusion or judgment. Instead, they will learn about a God who loves unconditionally. We believe that teaching an inclusive, loving approach to spirituality promotes healthier emotional and spiritual development in children, contrasting sharply with the more rigid evangelical churches.

The BMUCC Community

Community lies at the heart of BMUCC. Our congregation is warm, welcoming, and deeply committed to social justice. This spirit of community and service extends beyond our church walls. We're actively involved in various community initiatives, embodying the Christian principle of "love thy neighbor" in the most encompassing sense.

Inclusivity, Diversity, and Love

At BMUCC, we believe in modeling a faith that reflects the world we wish to see — one characterized by inclusivity, diversity, and love. Our commitment to social justice issues, such as immigration, LGBTQIA+ rights, and gender equality, is intertwined with our spiritual practice.

A Path to Consider

If you've been wrestling with the dichotomy between your personal values and the teachings of your current church, it may be time to explore new paths. A church should nurture and reflect your beliefs, not oppose them. At BMUCC, we provide an environment that aligns with inclusive values, fostering a spiritual journey defined by love, inclusivity, and acceptance. Here, you and your children can explore spirituality in an enriching, open-minded, and affirming context.

Your choice of a spiritual home is not merely about you, but about the future we are shaping for our children. Choose a place that echoes the values you wish to pass down to them. Consider the journey with Black Mountain United Church of Christ – a spiritual home that embraces all God's children.

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