August 2023

The OTHER Story of Ruth

If even a computer can understand Jesus's love for all, why is it so hard for humans?

I asked Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT) to tell me a story about a trans woman as if it came from the Bible. What it wrote sounds very much like the Jesus you and I know.

And it came to pass, in the multitude of his journey, that Jesus arrived at the wellspring of Samaria. As the sun began to dip beneath the horizon, casting a warm, golden hue across the land, a woman approached, her countenance heavy with the weight of tribulation. This woman  had borne the persecution of society for her identity. Her name was Ruth.

Ruth, with downcast eyes, approached the Man of Galilee and said unto Him, "Rabbi, I am wrought with torment. I am a woman born into the body of a man, and society hath cast me aside. I seek refuge and understanding, yet find none. I am filled with despair and see naught but darkness ahead. Canst thou, in thine infinite wisdom, find any comfort for such as me?"

And Jesus, beholding her with eyes filled with compassion, did speak unto her, saying, "Ruth, thy journey hath been long and filled with thorns. Yet, it is written in the Book of Life that each of us hath a unique purpose, each a divine spark. The Lord thy God hath fashioned thee thusly, and so in God's eyes, thou art perfect."

"Remember, Ruth, the greatest commandment is this: 'Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.' And the second is like unto it: 'Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.' These commandments make no distinctions, for the love of God is universal and limitless."

Ruth lifted her eyes, tears shimmering like precious gems in the twilight. She said, "Rabbi, yet I am shunned by my brethren. How am I to find solace in the love of the Lord when my brethren cast me aside?"

Jesus reached out a hand, gentle and comforting, and said, "Ruth, be not disheartened. The Creator of the heavens and the earth, the Author of all existence, loveth all creation. God's love transcendeth mortal understanding and societal constraint. Thy brethren may reject thee, but the Lord thy God will never forsake thee."

"Remember the story of the good Samaritan. It matters not who a person is, or where they come from. What matters is the love that they have in their hearts. Likewise, thou art loved, Ruth. Not for who society says thou shouldst be, but for who thou truly art."

Thus, the Son of God comforted Ruth, the woman of transition, under the growing night sky, reminding her that the divine love of God surpasseth all understanding and societal judgment. And Ruth found solace in His words, for she knew then that she was not alone, that she was loved and valued for who she truly was. From that moment on, she walked with a lighter step, her heart buoyed by the comforting words of Jesus.

Even when it is difficult for us to understand the human experience of others, let us follow the example of Jesus and always validate the humanity of others and assure them of God's love for them. Amen.

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November 2023

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November 2023

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