April 2023

Forgiveness - What it Isn't

There are many misconceptions about forgiveness. Here are a few things that forgiveness DOESN'T mean.

In a recent sermon, Dr. Campbell spoke of the liberating nature of forgiveness, and she also clarified some of the things that forgiveness is not:

1.    Forgiving someone who did us wrong does not mean that we tolerate the wrong they did.

2.    Forgiving does not mean that we want to forget or deny what happened.

3.    Forgiveness does not mean that we excuse the person who hurt us.

4.    Forgiving does not mean that we take the edge off the evil of what was done to us.

5.    Forgiving does not mean that we surrender our right to justice.

6.    Forgiving does not mean that we invite someone who hurt us to hurt us again.

But forgiving is a gift we give to ourselves, because without it healing does not take place.

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Hide yourself in God, so when a man wants to find you he will have to go there first.


February 2024

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