June 2023

Spreading Comfort and Love: BMUCC's Blanket Ministry at the Border

Black Mountain UCC's blanket ministry delivers individually made blankets to asylum seekers, symbolizing comfort, empathy, and connection at the border.

Dear Beloved Community,

Several loads of our handmade blankets have been taken to Holly for delivery to the Centro de Esperanza.  This letter was sent to the Director of the shelter to further our relationship.  May we continue to pray for members of our Beloved Community who are guests and staff at Centro de Esperanza.

Dear Aaron,
I have just dropped off another load of fleece and flannel blankets for Holly to transport to our connection to your wonderful shelter.  I wanted to give you a little history of the blankets as they are not purchased at Walmart or bought in bulk from Amazon.
These blankets were individually made by members of Black Mountain United Church of Christ, and their purpose is not so much to be a bed covering as a gift of comfort from us to your guests. We hope your guests will take our blankets with them.  Each piece of fabric was carefully selected for its pattern and color, and each blanket was individually tied by members of our church.  As we worked on the blankets, we had meaningful conversations about the situations that result in people arriving at your doorstep.  When the blankets are completed, they are prayed over during our worship service, and members of our church are asked to visualize the person who might receive the blanket.  Our small blankets become a way that we enter into relationship with your guests.  It has been our pleasure to form this relationship.
We hope our blankets are a source of comfort in a baby’s stroller, on a toddler who naps, as a pillow on a long bus ride to meet a sponsor, wrapped around a teddy bear, hugged for a symbol of security. We send them to you with great love.  
Thank you for your meaningful ministry,
The Reverend Dr. Kristina “Tina” Campbell

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